My name is Brad Palmer; I am an automotive designer and R/C enthusiast, as well as a longtime Formula One fan.


If you are into R/C and follow the RC TECH forums you may have seen some or all of these images at one time or another.


I started doing these paint jobs back in 2009 on the request of someone who was buying a used chassis from me on the for sale thread. The first body I did was Lewis Hamilton’s championship winning McLaren. I posted the pictures of that body on the F1 forums and the requests began to roll in from all directions, sometimes faster than I could keep up with. I have lost count of how many I have done, but I know it is quite a few.


Like any business growth is important, and in early 2012 I took on the challenge of building complete cars for customers. My goal is to provide a total RCF1 experience for the customer.


Some of the cars you will see on here are from my personal collection. I am a longtime participant in the Tamiya Championship Series or TCS.  Some of the cars are cars that have been entered for concourse judging at TCS events. I have been fortunate to win Best of Show at TCS events a handful of times including the North American Finals.


I am always open to requests to have paintwork done, and pretty much the sky’s the limit.


I can be reached via email at